Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Global Management

Being from the United States we tend to think that we are the world and are self sufficient in a way. This is not the case; the outside world is growing at a significant rate and competing and beating the United States in many areas. It is evident now that the future lies in global affairs. We might not realize it now at a young age, but international affairs will soon have a huge impact on our lives. As stated by Bud Rock, “Whether you are studying international affairs or nursing or education, business, environment, any discipline will involve global comparison and global engagement. Even if you are undecided today, you can be assured that global issues will impact you in the future.” There is no hiding from the fact that you will be faced with issues dealing with global affairs. Global management and diversity go hand in hand. To be aware of others’ cultures and/or religions will really help your understanding of the world outside the United States. By learning about other peoples’ cultures while here at ASU, our ability to deal with international affairs will benefit. Bud Rock goes on to list that sustainability is an imperative of global engagement. Sustainability “involves meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future world generations to meet their needs.” This is a major issue that nations are dealing with in terms of global affairs. We have to see economic growth as an entire world without sacrificing the environment. This is one of the many challenges our world faces in this day and age. ASU’s global management program, and its diversity will prepare you to meet these challenges that face the entire world.

diversity at ASU

Diversity is seen in every university, but at ASU we view it as important to the school’s success. ASU is as culturally diverse as any institution in the United States. This school prides itself on being diverse in every way. These ways are not just limited to race, but include: gender, religion, cultural background, nationalities, social classes, and ableness. According to Delia Saenz, “Students at ASU come from all 50 states and 141 nations throughout the world.” These numbers are eye-popping to me, ASU represents all fifty states and on top of that 141 nations. It does not get more diverse in terms of the cultures we witness on campus on a daily basis. This is why the university pushes all of us to become more aware and more culturally diverse. Because there are so many individuals from different parts of the world there is so much to be learned from everyone and the only way to do this is to immerse ourselves in each others lives. It is inevitable that you will run into a teacher or classmate that is of a different background than you on a daily basis. Instead of ignoring this fact, it would be so much more beneficial to converse with these individuals in order to gain knowledge that you would not necessarily gain in a classroom setting. In the future, we will all be working with people from different backgrounds and with different religions. ASU provides us a chance to get a head start on the opponents by being so diverse. The knowledge gained by conversing with different people will only help you in the long run.


In this day and age, innovation and creativity are “must haves” in the working world. Whatever career you choose, having these qualities will guarantee success. These characteristics are not limited to entrepreneurship or developing a new company, however, but can be used in normal jobs and everyday tasks. According to Dan O’Neil and Rhett Wilson, “Entrepreneurship and creativity are not just limited to business and it is not just limited to for-profit. It occurs in the non-profit world, which is also known as the non-governmental organizations on an international basis.” So based on this quote, to be an entrepreneur one does not have to deal with business or make money either. This is an interesting way to look at the idea of entrepreneurship. Being innovative and coming up with new ideas or events should result in benefiting the community surrounding it. If it does not benefit anyone, it is useless and should not be considered as an “entrepreneurship”. Also making money for yourself is not something that is always attached to the idea of entrepreneurship. One can use their innovation and creativity to set up events and fundraisers that not only bring community together but can raise funds for a cause. These particular events do not necessarily have to bring in money, but they can be used to unite a community. There are numerous ways that one can put their creativity to use. Making money is always a good thing and is never frowned upon, but helping a community and fundraising is always more rewarding. Entrepreneurship is not just limited to business and making money, but it involves benefiting everyone around it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


In this day and age libraries tend to get overlooked with all of the technology readily available. Not to say that this technology is necessarily bad, but we can forget about the usefulness of libraries. Technology is very convenient and has seemingly an unlimited amount of information available. There are often numerous websites that talk about the same subject as well, so when it comes to research, the internet can be very helpful. Looks can be deceiving however, with all this useful information comes a risk: not everything on the internet is true. According to Marc Mason in the Libraries Module, “Google can also provide many inappropriate resources, and much of the information you’ll find on the internet isn’t from what we call an “authoritative” source.” By this he means that anyone can make a webpage or a website talking about a variety of subjects. Even details about subjects that require a lifetime of studies for written by people who are not qualified. This will make your research inadequate and flawed. Instead of taking this enormous risk, try utilizing the libraries around you that ASU has provided. There are countless numbers of books at your disposal written by credible authors. Professors will more likely view your research with higher approval if they see you sight credible sources like these found in the ASU libraries. By searching books and articles via the research database that the libraries provide, you will have instant access to many full length articles that you can use in your research. This is very helpful because it is convenient and it is also a guarantee that your professor will approve of your sources. ASU gives us these excellent resources, so we might as well capitalize on them.


There are many helpful methods that will increase success in school. Time management, being prompt, academic honesty, and being active are just a few of the many ways you can increase your academic success. According to Afsaneh Nahavandi, by following these methods, it doesn’t just mean good grades; “it’s about having balance, being healthy, doing well, and being well adjusted.” This is very true, if you practice good time management; you will have balance and be well adjusted. It will also give you more free time to do the stuff that you actually want to do. Good time management allows you to be prepared for classes, as well as having a social life with your friends. Basically finding success in college is up to you, the student, and no one else. Your definition of success might differ from another student’s definition. Success can range from good grades, meeting new people, or even showing up to class; it all depends on your definition. There can also be distractions that might be a hindrance to your academic well being. Anything from family problems to girlfriend/boyfriend problems can get in the way. It is important to find a way to keep school and these distractions separate. It is very difficult to do so, but it makes the workload at school more achievable, and it helps get your mind off of these things. Different methods work for different students in terms of their overall success. I personally find that time management is the best way to go for me because I can allot myself time to do my homework and still have time to work and hang out with my friends. Ultimately you are in charge of your success and the way you want to achieve it. You can be creative in your approach or take the more traditional route. Either way, if you work hard there should be no reason why you shouldn’t find success in college.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity at any school is very important and ASU is no different. There is a strong focus in the school about students completing their own work, whether it's a project, test, or small homework assignment. Their are many techniques that can be defined as academic dishonesty. As described by Leslie Snell and Joe Bunker in the learning module, academic dishonesty "ranges from taking a test for another person, to using an electronic device for an evaluation, or even failing to give proper credit to sources that you use from the internet." There are also many other ways to be academically dishonest, but those are just a few. For a new student at ASU, it may be hard to get acustomed to these rules as they may be new. If you have any doubt or questions as to what may be construed as dishonest, check with your teacher first and/or check your syllabus. This will ensure that you know what is expected out of you, and you will avoid the potential consequences. Being academically honest will make your career much easier here at ASU. It is proven that if you practice honesty, over time it will become a habit. The consequences for academic dishonesty include redoing an assignment, for a lower grade, failing an assignment, or receiving an XE grade. This means "failure due to academic dishonesty" and this grade stays on your transcripts. It pays to be honest, so you don't have to pay the harsh consequences. By just doing the work yourself, you eliminate the bad consequences that would come if you were dishonest. Academic integrity is the key to a successful career here at ASU or where ever else your life may take you.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

About Me

Hello, my name is Josh Ehlers and I am a new blogger. I am nineteen years old and a freshman here at ASU. Playing guitar and hanging out with friends takes the majority of my time. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Phoenix when I was eleven. I have been here ever since.