Thursday, October 2, 2008

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity at any school is very important and ASU is no different. There is a strong focus in the school about students completing their own work, whether it's a project, test, or small homework assignment. Their are many techniques that can be defined as academic dishonesty. As described by Leslie Snell and Joe Bunker in the learning module, academic dishonesty "ranges from taking a test for another person, to using an electronic device for an evaluation, or even failing to give proper credit to sources that you use from the internet." There are also many other ways to be academically dishonest, but those are just a few. For a new student at ASU, it may be hard to get acustomed to these rules as they may be new. If you have any doubt or questions as to what may be construed as dishonest, check with your teacher first and/or check your syllabus. This will ensure that you know what is expected out of you, and you will avoid the potential consequences. Being academically honest will make your career much easier here at ASU. It is proven that if you practice honesty, over time it will become a habit. The consequences for academic dishonesty include redoing an assignment, for a lower grade, failing an assignment, or receiving an XE grade. This means "failure due to academic dishonesty" and this grade stays on your transcripts. It pays to be honest, so you don't have to pay the harsh consequences. By just doing the work yourself, you eliminate the bad consequences that would come if you were dishonest. Academic integrity is the key to a successful career here at ASU or where ever else your life may take you.


Anthony Westover said...

Good post. I would hate to pay those consequences and risk getting kicked out of ASU. Like you said just read your syllabus and talk to your teachers. It's the best you can do and can always be sure.

Alex said...

The consequences of academic dishonesty are heavy, and we all need to understand that. If we prioritize our assignments and just get them done, there will be no need to stress, or even think about cheating. We're adults now, and we need to prove that. Good post!

Charles Tilson said...

This was a really good blog. It made me think of why anybody would want to take chances at messing up something so beneficial.