Tuesday, October 7, 2008


In this day and age, innovation and creativity are “must haves” in the working world. Whatever career you choose, having these qualities will guarantee success. These characteristics are not limited to entrepreneurship or developing a new company, however, but can be used in normal jobs and everyday tasks. According to Dan O’Neil and Rhett Wilson, “Entrepreneurship and creativity are not just limited to business and it is not just limited to for-profit. It occurs in the non-profit world, which is also known as the non-governmental organizations on an international basis.” So based on this quote, to be an entrepreneur one does not have to deal with business or make money either. This is an interesting way to look at the idea of entrepreneurship. Being innovative and coming up with new ideas or events should result in benefiting the community surrounding it. If it does not benefit anyone, it is useless and should not be considered as an “entrepreneurship”. Also making money for yourself is not something that is always attached to the idea of entrepreneurship. One can use their innovation and creativity to set up events and fundraisers that not only bring community together but can raise funds for a cause. These particular events do not necessarily have to bring in money, but they can be used to unite a community. There are numerous ways that one can put their creativity to use. Making money is always a good thing and is never frowned upon, but helping a community and fundraising is always more rewarding. Entrepreneurship is not just limited to business and making money, but it involves benefiting everyone around it.


Yelenis said...

You found the two perfectly correct words to define what an entrepenuer needs to have; innovation and creativity. without these elements, they wouldn't be successful.

Ashley said...

Before this learning module, i thought entrepreneurship was based on business and that the purposes were for profit. This module helped teach me about entrepreneurship and learn the characteristics like you said innovation and creativity.

Anthony Westover said...

Nice post. Innovation and creativity are very important I agree. I thought it was most interesting to find that entrepreneurship includes more than just business.