Thursday, October 2, 2008


In this day and age libraries tend to get overlooked with all of the technology readily available. Not to say that this technology is necessarily bad, but we can forget about the usefulness of libraries. Technology is very convenient and has seemingly an unlimited amount of information available. There are often numerous websites that talk about the same subject as well, so when it comes to research, the internet can be very helpful. Looks can be deceiving however, with all this useful information comes a risk: not everything on the internet is true. According to Marc Mason in the Libraries Module, “Google can also provide many inappropriate resources, and much of the information you’ll find on the internet isn’t from what we call an “authoritative” source.” By this he means that anyone can make a webpage or a website talking about a variety of subjects. Even details about subjects that require a lifetime of studies for written by people who are not qualified. This will make your research inadequate and flawed. Instead of taking this enormous risk, try utilizing the libraries around you that ASU has provided. There are countless numbers of books at your disposal written by credible authors. Professors will more likely view your research with higher approval if they see you sight credible sources like these found in the ASU libraries. By searching books and articles via the research database that the libraries provide, you will have instant access to many full length articles that you can use in your research. This is very helpful because it is convenient and it is also a guarantee that your professor will approve of your sources. ASU gives us these excellent resources, so we might as well capitalize on them.

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